"Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind." — Toni Morrison

From Dr. Michael P. Williams, a memoir; “From The A Train to PhD” ...

"Like so many people, I was locked down alone during the COVID-19, pandemic. My emotions were filled with stress, anxiety, and depression. Then, I remembered some words of wisdom. “We can wait for the storm to pass, or learn to dance in the rain”. I also remembered one of the most important lessons learned during my years as a homeless man, I call it “The sly disguise of opportunity”. I decided to commit myself to the goal of completing my doctoral degree and writing my first book, during the lock down. It was while writing the book that I took the very painful journey into my darkest days. However, my mother always told me, “We must confront the darkest, in order to find the light”. I had to relive how I chased after a pot of gold, only to end up sleeping on the subways. I did everything in my power to please other people, with the hope that it would build my sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Only to learn that is a gift that comes from a different place. So, after decades of searching, I finally found what I needed to make me whole. To my shock, it was right in front of me the entire time. And, yes, it is a gift. However, the only way to keep it is to share it. I hope I have done so with this book."


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